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It's recommended that you don't save usernames or passwords here that are sensitive--for example, if you are also an author and post your stories under that user.If you don't intend to ever update the book using Fan Fic Fare, you can do whatever you want to it. Other formats, if you attempt to 'update' with Fan Fic Fare after editing will overwrite your changes.If we were going to have to move anyway, that seemed a good time to also change the name to something a bit more unique. While Fan Fic Fare does support a few sites that host original works, the majority is fanfiction.The 'Fare' part refers to the 'food' definition of 'fare': If you haven't found an answer here, then there are a couple ways to get in touch with us. Checking for updates on dozens (or hundreds or thousands) of stories at once causes excessive traffic on the source site. So far, most of those users have been on Windows and the problem has been corrected by simply visiting the site giving problems using the Microsoft browser (IE or Edge) on your computer. Lately, we've seen several users and more than one site that started getting errors, presumably after an SSL certificate was expired, renewed, or replaced.If not, Calibre will generate the usual type cover, usually showing the title page. The first is an explicit cover image from the source site. Second, the downloader can use the first image it finds in the story with the You can also use the Generate Cover plugin to set a cover image.

I recommend that you use EPUB output in Calibre and convert to get images in other formats.

Important: Make sure that while editing, that you do not remove the link to the story in the story's title.

Also, conversion to RTF loses the Title and Author metadata - these will need to be restored otherwise the next step will not match the revised story and will create a new book in Calibre.

If you plan to update an EPUB again using Fan Fic Fare, you should use a tool that doesn't change the file layout inside the EPUB.

Updating an EPUB use the previous chapter texts from your edited EPUB, but the title page, TOC, etc will be regenerated.

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