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He was a painfully shy boy who avoided other children in the school yard, often playing alone.

One day, Mystery and Style visited the house and ended up staying for 2 weeks.His seduction success increased significantly shortly after.“I’m confident in approaching women in any setting and it feels great to not have to “settle” anymore”. Being a former “Average Frustrated Chump”, Danny possesses the understanding and insight to really help a student improve their seduction game.Hey Alex, you asked for your viewers to e-mail you the results as to how your advice works so here it is.You are amazing and your skills are genius, from the clean your room advice, keep a condom around advice, hand them your phone, don’t be aggressive but have fun, relax and talk to them, and calling them stunning.

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In 2006 I released the first ever “day game” pick up video on you tube.

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