Dating on a budget

Something my spouse and I enjoy doing is brainstorming about date ideas that are fun and budget-friendly.A few of our dates have involved star gazing using an app on our phones, writing down topics on slips of paper and taking turns pulling them from a hat and writing poems about them.After writing the poems we take turns reading them to each other.Another inexpensive date we enjoy is going to the store and picking out a treat for under and eating it while we snuggle on the couch, watching a movie we rented from the Redbox, after the kids go to bed. Just because your budget is tight doesn’t mean you can’t do some GREAT dating!

Whether you’ve been on one date or you’ve been going out for years, relationships can be a pricey venture.

Whitney Hopler, a contributing writer to goes over “8 types of dates you and your spouse can enjoy together for only about ”: Adventure Dates: Image Source Don’t let money get in the way of going on dates with your spouse.

With a little imagination and brainstorming, dating on a budget can be an adventure you can enjoy together.

Have you ever gone over your monthly budget and realize you are going to have to cut your expenses somewhere and usually that “somewhere” ends up being those categories that fall under “date nights”?

For my husband and I, this seems to happen a lot, especially as our children get older and their involvement in extracurricular activities seems to drain the household budget.

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