Golf dating golfing partners friendly

Leslie and Kar go shopping together on weekends, and Marc and I play golf in the same group.

Kar is about 5'6 and probably weighs 105 pounds dripping wet.

She walked back toward our end of the couch, swing her bare butt and pussy in an exaggerated fashion, then turned back around a unbuttoned her blouse, leaving her completely nude except for her jewelry.

Needless to say, Marc was more than a little amused. But it quickly became apparent that the girls were into a little friendly, sexy competition. Leslie unhooked my belt and started working on pulling my pants off, causing Kar to momentarily lose her lip-lock on Marc's cock while she pulled his pants off.

Leslie took this opportunity to stand up right in front of Marc and ask him what he thought of HER pussy.

At that time, she kept it nice and trim but it wasn't the bald look that Kar sported.

My friend Kar has been cutting my hair for almost 15 years now.

It was like the girls were racing to see who could climax first.

They pay the bills by keeping a small but loyal client base that pays a whopping twenty dollars per visit -- for women or men -- with most customers tipping at least that much.

I go once a month a give Kar a fifty, which seems very fair to me.

Over the next five minutes or so, we would switch positions, and they would switch positions.

Leslie would talk dirty, and Kar would up the ante.

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Finally, Leslie laid on her back and threw her legs straight up in the air and whispered for me to fuck her hard, which I did.

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