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i think people r throwing this term around too much w/o including other mods, such as intake, TB, U/D, MAF, LT's, etc.i have come to the realization that people consider bolt-ons w/ a cam, "Cam Only".You Tube recommended settings, hl=en&ref_topic=2888648Can some one recommend the proper settings for me to use for better videos to upload to You Tube!

Hey I am a new user to Cam Studio and have being trying to get it to work better for many monthes but with little success!C’est justement le classement des cinquante photos au timing le plus parfait trouvées sur internet (ou les plus parfaitement synchronisées, en français), que le site américain Twistedsifter s’est amusé à faire.Chauvinisme oblige, je me permets de vous faire remarquer que la photo numéro 43 a été prise à une centaine de mètres des bureaux de JSBG, en Suisse.I’m trying to use H 264 or X264 Codex on Windows 7 64Bit.I have changed the screen resolution of my video card to 1024 X 720 16 Bit! You may find some of the videos I have made on my You Tube channel, This is the only one made using Cam Studio, the other ones are made using a USB video hardware caption device!

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