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The artist Wassily Kandinsky, for instance, was born in Russia, lived in Germany, and died in France.At various times he was a citizen of each of those countries, though posterity will judge him to be a German painter.Barry Humphries, Dave Allen and the young Billy Connolly also make the list. Turn on the telly, and there they were, lads and lassies in yellow shirts and not much else, leaping around like wild things for the benefit of the cameras. Now, we are promised, the Brazilian footballers will turn on the “samba style” as they attempt to win the World Cup on their home patch. It’s as if every Englishman wore a bowler hat, every Frenchman cycled to work in a beret with onions hanging over his handlebars, and every German wore the froth from a stein of pilsner on the end of his nose.This is the problem with coverage of the major tournaments.Shocking footage shows a Sikh pensioner being hit by a car and left lying in the road as the driver speeds away from the scene.West Midlands Police shared the video of the hit and run which took place on Piers Road last Thursday.

As is customary at Lord’s, which boasts the most fair-minded audience in the whole of sport, he was accompanied to the crease by applause, and clapped again when he was out for 48 well-made runs. It is better for all concerned to push the vessel back gently towards shore. Schoolchildren wear uniforms because it is a way of showing that, whether they are rich or poor, black or white, left or right, or inside-out, they all enjoy equality in the classroom.One of the finest post-war captains, Nasser Hussain, was born a Muslim in Madras, as it was then called.And nobody was more aware than he of the responsibilities that came with being the captain of England.Igor Stravinsky, also born in Russia, lived in France and America, and was buried at his request in Venice. Daniel Barenboim was born in Buenos Aires to parents who were Russian Jews.Taken to Israel as a young boy, the pianist‑conductor has spent his adult years living in London, Paris and Berlin.

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