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Besides the "HKC S/N 465823" sticker which also has '43' circled in pen of a list of numbers, but also '326116' imprinted on the cartridge port shield itself. I also have a Data20 Video Pak80 that plugged into the parallel port and allowed expansion drives and monitor6510 CPU instead of 6502/65C02. Upper interior RF shielding is aluminized cardboard, lower RF shielding is brass sheet. Came with "push to release" door type VIC-1541 FDD, serial# K0174085.There is some strange device attached to the terminal of resistor R44 closest to the user.This page is dedicated to keeping track of the C64's that are still alive and well and in the hands of collectors around the world. The key has been fixed and the 64 has had a complete strip down and clean up. t=59921EBay purchase on the 9/9/15 C64 Looks new and not used.Perhaps we can find who has the earliest and the latest serial numbers once and for all? Motherboard clean with Ceramic kernel and Sid chip! Motherboard clean with Ceramic Vic-II and Sid Original box is sadly tatty and tapped but still has the original price label on System is fully working. Has all original accessories, games, manuals, dataset, box and wrappings.Under VIC cage lid is a double cage - left is VIC, right is other parts, U33/U34 DIP positions no chips. Jumper line on U20, right side, 2nd to 6th pin on that side of chip. Graphics on the front of the O key are worn off from too much Omega Race. LOL, got me though engineering school, college papers, school logins (80 column Kermit was pretty terrible to read but worked) etc... Bought a 64c off ebay so I could have decent S-video out.

Some guy that my dad works with was going to throw this beauty in the trash along with a NEC monitor from 1985, untill I filled out this forum i didn't know how old this breadboard is IT EVEN HAS THE OLD BUGGY BOARD that isn't buggy for me! Bought on Ebay from what I presume is the original owner, along with a classic 1541, 1702 monitor, and a Gemini printer, plus some joysticks and a bunch of software.I guess they imported it from a German garbage deposit.It came with a 1541 II disk drive and a C64GS cartridge.This year I got it out of the attic after probably 20 years. It was replaced in 2013 with a socketed motherboard.I have added Jiffy Dos 6.1, Heatsinks to all the larger chips and installed 2 Fans inside the case to help keep things cool. Have to replace the internal fuse (probably done by the time you're reading this), removed og thermal paste and added Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 (on 8/12/2017). Didn't want to remove the original sticker to open the case and view the PCB. This machine was used regularly until 1992, mostly to play Impossible Mission!

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