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But in the same query we also used WHERE clause to compare that all data which are fetched with the

From sign-in html two things are coming to page, which is username and password.

Listing 6: Figure 4: Taking input from user as the user’s ID and Password to get log-in As you can see at this stage the webpage of is working well.

Because we need a webpage which takes input from user’s ID and Password, and the main thing it should not show the user’s Password which he is giving input at the getting log-in time.

In the next one, we used for the div tag and we identified it by Sign-In in the CSS styles webpage.

In the last we used an ID for button and we applied CSS styles on it.

There is also an easy method to put CAPTCHA on a webpage.

But now in this article we will just learn how to design a Sign-In webpage. Listing 1: Figure 1: Output of the Sign-in Webpage In Figure 1 you can see the output of the Listing 1.

As I told you that it’s an easy way to use Inline Style.There are some new CSS styles as font-weight, font-size which all about to font (text).Figure 3: Sign-in webpage after applying CSS Style (linking the webpage) As you can see the change on the webpage after linking the webpage.And we should commonly find easiest ways to get rid from the problems. And there is one new thing as type that is password. POST is commonly being used for these kind of webpages, due to its security.Figure 2: Output of the Sign-in Webpage with updated size of fieldset tag As you can see in the Listing 1 and 2 we used such a good Html tags to design a simple log-in form. The functionality of type password is to don’t show the text what we will enter in the password box. And when we are dealing with our ID and Password, so we should be alert from the hackers.

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